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Benefits of GABA

Be any standards, the Brain is a complex place. It seems like just a simple mass of squishy gray stuff, but in fact, it is a bundle of interconnecting nerves that work separately and together to control all the factors that mix to make us, well, Us. The gray squishy stuff is important, of course, but what really is truly wondrous is the way the individual parts of the brain, down to the individual cells, communicate with one another.

This communication within the brain is thanks to chemical and electrical signals between cells. This is more complex than the simple on and off pulses that occur between computer chips. Communication between living cells requires the cooperation of complicated chemicals called neurotransmitters.

The brain is a virtual alphabet soup of chemicals, ions, proteins and neurotransmitters. Reactions occur almost instantaneously as ions and electrons of the different compounds and atoms come into contact with one another. So rapidly, in fact, that messages become confused and unreadable if there is no mechanism to slow the reactions.


This mechanism is called an inhibitory neurotransmitter. In mammalian brains, the most important inhibitory neurotransmitter is gamma-Aminobutyric acid, or GABA. GABA occurs as a product of plant and microbe metabolism, and was first synthesized in 1883. It was not discovered to be part of the central nervous system of mammals until 1950.

In the brain and nervous system, GABA inhibits the transmission of synaptic information by binding with receptors in the cells of nervous system. The information is still able to get through to cause the synaptic connection to “fire”, but it has to get past the GABA molecules first.

This inhibitory action, among other things, is thought to lessen and regulate pain by slowing the nerve impulses that the brain interprets as pain. This is especially true in cases of chronic pain, such as rheumatoid arthritis. GABA supplements are sometimes used as a sleep aid using the theory that GABA can lower the activities of neurons in the brain, making a sleep-state easy to achieve.

With a proper diet, especially one rich in B complex vitamins, the body will usually produce all the GABA it requires. GABA is available as a nutritional supplement in many forms, including powders and PharmaGABA capsules.

GABA SupplementGABA is produced within the brain, and it should be noted that GABA molecules will not readily pass through the brain-blood boundary. The boundary keeps harmful substances from invading the brain from the bloodstream. This calls into question the effectiveness of GABA as a supplement for brain function. However, GABA is important to areas of the body and nervous system outside the brain, which may account for the anecdotal evidence of supplement effectiveness.

Body builders and other athletes may benefit from GABA supplements, as it is considered to be the brain chemical which is most responsible for regulating muscle tone. In other words, sufficient levels of GABA help to keep the muscles in tension to maintain shape and athletic form.

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