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Best Supplements For Energy

The market for more energy supplements is exploding. When we stop at the Quickee Mart, we are faced with coolers full of neon colored sports and energy drink, the racks near the check out are filled with energy bar treats with names that sound as though they were rejected from a late-night dance club, and the supplement stores and pharmacies are littered with products that promise to give us an extra boost.

Feeling rundown is a very common complaint, especially with our busy and stressful lifestyles, which are fueled by too much processed food and don’t allow for us to get enough rest. The best step we can take to get rid of the run down feeling is to make the necessary lifestyle changes so that our stressed systems can recover enough to work the way they are supposed to.

The temptation to believe in quick energy in a bottle, or even in a less than tasty candy bar, is very attractive. Common sense tells us not to believe them, but that much marketing is hard to ignore. How successful these supplements are depends a lot on what you expect from them.

What do you want when you are looking for “extra energy”? Are you trying to keep up with the kids during a day at the park? Are you trying to stay alert through a long afternoon at the office? Or are you hoping to shave so time off of your morning run or lift a few more reps at the gym? Using supplements to enhance athletic performance can be a particularly frightening path.

The “boost” found in most energy drinks is from caffeine and sugar. Caffeine is considered a stimulant, but what it actually does is disrupt the way the brain perceives fatigue. If your nervous system never gets the message that it is tired, you will continue to function and wear yourself down, and set yourself up for a major crash. The sugar in energy drinks set up a similar crash. There will be a quick but temporary lift as the body tries to use the raw carbohydrates, but they will rapidly pass through your system, and may leave you feeling even more drained than before.

The two best supplements for better energy levels are proper rest and adequate hydration. Sleep is necessary for the body to properly restore itself, as well as properly digest the nutrients taken in during the day. When we are speaking about hydration, we mean with good old water. Many sports drinks claim to be hydration aids, but the only thing in them that really helps is the water- the sugars, colors, and other stuff actually gets in the way of hydration.

Antioxidant vitamins will not directly result in greater energy levels. They will help to prevent and eliminate the damage from free radical compounds, which means that your rest, hydration, and nutrition will be more effective. This should give you the energy boost you are after.

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