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Best Supplements for Joints

The joints in our bodies, especially those in our knees, hands and backs, are put under immense pressure throughout our lives. Carrying out our daily routine includes a plethora of walking, bending, and kneeling, all of which puts constant strain on our knees and backs. Being overweight can also put unnecessary strain on our joints, as can certain ailments such as arthritis. As well as our normal everyday activities many of us indulge in sports which can have an adverse effect on our joints if injury occurs, or if the correct footwear is not worn.

In addition, the ageing process causes certain nutrients in our bodies that are essential for maintaining healthy and supple joints to diminish, leading to stiffness and inflammation. All of these factors make it essential for us to take precautions to protect our joints and help them remain flexible and pain free. There are a number of steps we can follow to ensure our joints stay strong including staying at an appropriate weight through exercise and healthy eating. Taking a daily supplement specifically designed to aid the body in maintaining healthy joints will help to promote the overall health and well-being of your joints.



Methylsulfonylmethane or MSM is a natural mineral found in abundance within the body. MSM is an essential nutrient that works to provide flexible and healthy joints. It is also useful in treating inflammation in the joints which can often occur when joints become injured or overused. When the levels of MSM in the body decrease joints can become painful and uncomfortable; taking MSM in a supplement can help to alleviate this pain and promote ease of movement and suppleness.


Chondroitin is an essential component of cartilage and is vital in improving the collagen found naturally in joints. The cartilage that surrounds our joints acts to protect and cushion them, ensuring they move freely and flexibly. Any damage to the cartilage and surrounding tissue can result in stiff and painful joints in all parts of the body. Chondroitin also attracts vital fluid to the cartilage allowing it to remain supple and well nourished. It aids the body in repairing and rebuilding cartilage, thus ensuring joints stay strong and healthy.


Glucosamine is found naturally throughout the body, and plays an important role in ensuring joints move freely and smoothly. Glucosamine is one the body’s essential building blocks which form part of the structure of all tissues in the body, including the ligaments which support our joints. As we age the supplies of glucosamine in the body decreases, making it essential to find an adequate replacement. However, it is difficult to obtain a sufficient supply of glucosamine from other sources such as our diet. Therefore, taking a supplement of glucosamine greatly assists in helping our joints remain flexible, supple and pain free.

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