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Best Vitamins For Mental Health

Before we begin discussing Mental Health and Supplements, take a minute to look beyond the screen that you are reading this post on. The words are presented in a clean and readable format, the website where the words are posted is attractive and well thought out so that you can find the information you are looking for, and the browser takes you quickly to the page that you are looking for.

Perhaps you have loaded some sort of theme into your device to personalize it, to give it a bit of individuality. Think about what is going on beyond the screen, the millions of little things that happen every second to produce what you see on the screen, all those electrons whirling around in there, making things happen.

You could probably sit down with a computer geek and have them explain exactly what is happening to make your computer do what is does, but that really doesn’t matter. It does what you want and you are happy with it, so it must be “healthy”. If it isn’t “healthy”, your geek friend can help you make it healthy.

The human mind is often compared to a computer, but always with the acknowledgement that no computer could be as complex as the human brain. Medical science simply is not to the point, and may never reach the point, where a technician can simply replace a few chips to repair it when something goes wrong.

The ways that the mind and the brain works is the subject of intensive study and supposition. What is generally accepted is that the processes that the brain goes through as it goes through its daily operations are “well known if not well understood”. The actions of the brain are biochemical and bioelectrical reactions that are both reactions to internal programing and external stimuli.

The World Health Organization defines Mental Health as “a State of Well Being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community.” This is a tall order, but the healthy brain is up to it.

The human brain is infinitely complex, but it is a naturally occurring organ of the body. The health of the brain is intimately connected to the body. Many of the vitamins and minerals that are required for the other organs to properly function are also vital for brain function.

Some of the most important vitamins for the brain are those from the B complex. Deficiencies of Thiamin, or vitamin B1, has been linked to cases of depression, anxiety, and other psychiatric disorders. Riboflavin, vitamin B12, is linked to preventing depression and hysteria.

Substances known as free radicals are substances created in the body as the result of chemical reactions involving oxygen. Free radicals attack the structure of brain cells, but antioxidants can prevent the damage. One of the most common and readily available antioxidants is Vitamin C. Vitamin E is another important antioxidant

If you choose to use vitamins and supplements to aid with mental health issues, we hope you will consider the highly purified, pharmaceutical grade supplements supplied by BioSynergy.

Written by costi