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Bodybuilding and Muscle Growth

In contrast to the majority of people in the Western world, bodybuilders sometimes want to gain weight. Not just any weight, of course, but lean muscle mass. The process of “bulking” – adding lean mass as opposed to fat – can be complicated. In combination with an excellent strength routine, bodybuilders must be careful to get the right type of nutrition. In many cases, nutritional supplements are helpful.

Building Lean Muscle Mass: Nutrition Matters

bodybuilding and muscle growthBodybuilding forums and websites dispense a great deal of advice on the importance of meal timing and frequency, however, recent studies have shown that the timing and frequency of meals is much less important than the nutrients, and total number of calories consumed. For some looking to build lean mass, high calorie requirements may necessitate frequent eating simply because the stomach can only hold so much food.

More frequent eating may also be a useful solution for those looking to have more energy during workouts. However, if you are comfortable eating a large meal in one sitting, there is little evidence that this will negatively impact your goals.

In contrast to when and how often you eat, is what you eat important for making lean muscle gains? Most bodybuilding advice websites recommend consuming a large percentage of your calories from protein. But how much is necessary or healthy? Medical researchers disagree with the bodybuilding community on this issue.

The US Recommended Daily Allowance for protein is 15% of your total daily calories, while some bodybuilders routinely consume much more. A 2004 review in the journal Sports Medicine found that current research indicates bodybuilders may benefit from increasing their percentage of protein intake to 30% of their total macronutrients, when preparing for competition. It is important to note, however, that this recommendation is limited to improving bodybuilding performance and is not based on the overall health of the bodybuilder.

A more recent 2011 study of elite Korean bodybuilders found that the negative effects of consuming excess quantities of protein may be offset by supplementing with minerals such as potassium and calcium.

Bodybuilding and Muscle Gain: Supplements

Many bodybuilders find nutritional supplements to be an effective aide to their muscle gain regimen. Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) are naturally occurring amino acids frequently recommended by bodybuilders as an aide to muscle growth. BCAAs have been found to decrease muscle soreness and promote recovery following exercise; they may also have a beneficial effect on the immune system of athletes.

BioSynergy’s Branched Chain Amino Acids are made from the highest quality raw materials, with guaranteed potency. If you are considering adding a BCAA supplement to your muscle gain strategy, consult with your physician and purchase only the best GMP certified supplements from a reputable company like BioSynergy.

Another popular bodybuilding supplement is L-Carnitine. A 2011 study found that L-Carnitine promoted muscle mass in piglets, although the actual mechanism is not clear. A 2003 study found that L-Carnitine improved the body composition of elderly humans.

BioSynergy’s L-Carnitine capsules are GMP certified to guarantee maximum potency and purity. If you are considering supplementing with L-Carnitine, talk to your doctor and purchase only the best.

Bodybuilders: Look for Reputable Information

Bodybuilding advice websites and supplement companies are a dime a dozen. Don’t risk your health and success to “bro-science” advice. Take the time to do the research and choose only high-quality nutritional supplements from well-respected companies like BioSynergy.

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