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Bodybuilding and Muscle Memory

For many people, bodybuilding is a passion. It can also be a tremendously time consuming pastime, which may fall by the wayside when the pressures of work and family life intervene. If you once took great pains to sculpt your muscles and cut your body fat, getting back into the groove may be easier than you think, due to a phenomenon known as “muscle memory.”

Bodybuilding and Muscle MemoryWhat is Muscle Memory?

Muscle memory is the process through which the body adapts to common, repetitive forms of movement. If you practice a particular movement or exercise frequently, eventually the movements associated with it can be performed without conscious thought. In the case of strength building, not only does the body retain an unconscious memory of the movements associated with the exercise, but it also the ability to regain strength and grow larger (known as hypertrophy) even after long periods of atrophy. The process of training muscles that have not previously been trained builds neuro-circuitry that remains intact, even many years later.

How Does Muscle Memory Aid Bodybuilders?

When a former bodybuilder returns to training after a long hiatus, muscles quickly rebound and begin to show hypertrophy. A recent study of muscle memory found that building strong muscles and their associated neural circuitry early in life can create building blocks that will maintain strength and stave off frailty as an athlete ages.

Supplements and Muscle Memory

Bodybuilding has long had a negative association with the use of steroid supplements. Although effective in building muscle, these can have negative effects on the health and well-being of an athlete. More gentle natural nutritional supplements may provide some of the same benefits without the negative side effects.

Creatine for example is a nutritional supplement which has been found to increase muscle fibers, although the exact mechanism is not well understood. Coenzyme Q10 is also often recommended as a muscle building supplement. Although studies on its effectiveness are mixed, it has been shown to improve cardiac muscle in some cases.

Deer antler velvet spray has also recently gained popularity as a potentially muscle building supplement. Although research on deer antler velvet spray has not been conclusive, deer antler has been used as a Chinese herbal medicine for thousands of years. As with any supplement, check with your doctor about any possible drug interactions or side effects before considering supplementation with creatine, deer antler velvet, or Coenzyme Q10.

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