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5 Ways to Prevent a Horrible Hangover

hangover prevention productThe most foolproof way to avoid hangover is to skip imbibing in your favorite wine, beer or mixed drink to begin with. But life doesn’t always work out that way and sometimes one glass of wine with dinner or a quick drink after work can turn into an evening of over-indulgence that can leave you feeling like death the next morning.

And if you’re facing a work day, you don’t even have the luxury of lying in bed and trying to sleep it off. But if you know you’re headed out for a drink (or two or more), there are some things you can do to mitigate the negative outcomes and prevent a horrible hangover.

#1 Take your drink on the rocks

Strained drinks such as martinis and cosmopolitans don’t dilute over time so they are just as potent whether your sip them or shoot them. But if you have a mixed drink on the rocks and sip it, as the ice melts, the drink will dilute meaning you’re getting more water mixed in and a lower concentration of alcohol. This decreases the amount of alcohol into your bloodstream and can lessen the chances of a hangover of epic proportions.

skip cigarettes hangover#2 Skip the cigarettes

Research from Brown University showed that combining smoking with drinking greatly increases the odds of waking up with a vicious hangover.

Even if you don’t ordinarily smoke, when you’re imbibing, your inhibitions are down and you’re more likely to accept a smoke when it’s handed to you or to join a friend outside for their smoke break. Many people only smoke when they drink. But take this advice – indulge in only one vice at a time and skip the cigs to avoid next-day regrets.

#3 Go home and go to bed ASAP

Dr. Michael Fingerhood from Johns Hopkins’ division of chemical dependency advises you to sleep on it to reduce your chances of waking with a hangover. Eight hours of sleep is one of the best defenses against waking up in pain so the moment you realize you’ve overdone it, find your designated driver or call a cab, head home and hit the hay. Sleep deprivation makes everything worse and hangover is no different. Call it a night to make the next day less awful.

water hangover#4 Hit the water bottle – hard!

Alcohol dehydrates you at an extreme rate so hydrating while you drink and once you get home will help combat this hangover contributing factor. Alternate alcoholic drinks with a glass of water while at the bar or restaurant, guzzle another 8-12 ounces of water before you go to bed and be sure you have a tall glass or bottle of water at your bedside.

If you wake up with cottonmouth or to go to the bathroom, drink as much as you can each time to mitigate dehydration and hangover.

#5 Take CHP™ Comprehensive Hangover Prevention supplement

Keep the CHP™ hangover prevention supplement on hand so if you end up drinking, you’ll have an all-natural herbal hangover remedy at hand to combat the risk of hangover. For every two alcoholic drinks, take two CHP capsules while you’re out. CHP™ won’t prevent you from getting tipsy or lower your blood alcohol level (so don’t drive!) but it does affect how your body metabolizes alcohol and can reduce (or eliminate) your hangover symptoms. Keep CHP™ on hand so if your evening out gets out of hand, you won’t wake up in agony.

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