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How Your Blood Sugar Levels Affect You

Blood Sugar Supplements

What is blood sugar exactly, and what does it do? Blood sugar refers to glucose that is transported in our blood in order to give energy to the cells in our body. The body will automatically try to regulate it in order to make sure that it isn’t too high or too low. One of the ways that it does this is through the use of insulin- this is what breaks down the sugar and makes it usable by the body.

But what happens when there is too much blood sugar or not enough?

High Blood Sugar

Some of symptoms you may feel with high blood sugar are excessive thirst, blurry vision, dry skin, feeling weak or tired, and excessive need to urinate. More symptoms can occur if your blood sugar is extremely high.

Tips for lowering blood sugar: one of the quickest things you can do is burn off the sugar, and use up the energy. Walk on a treadmill or other quick and easy exercises that you can do in your home or wherever you are.  Also, drinking two 8 oz glasses of water can help flush out the sugar.

While there are many temporary quick fixes, the best thing to do if you are diabetic or have related issues is to closely monitor your diet. Being proactive about your blood sugar levels will be the best for you in the long run.

Low Blood Sugar

Some of the symptoms of low blood sugar are confusion, double or blurred vision, shakiness, sweating, anxiety, hunger, and a tingling sensation around the mouth. In some cases, if the blood sugar is low enough some may pass out. It’s extremely important to keep those levels up!

Tips for boosting your blood sugar: The best thing that you can do in this situation is to, firstly, not panic. Secondly, find a quick source of sugar such as juice, fruit, or candies. Chocolate, breads, candy bars, and ice creams tend to have more fat in them, making it hard to get an instant sugar boost.

In order to help you manage you blood sugar, consider using BioEndurance™ which will help regulate it along with your energy.

There are real consequences to the foods that you eat. Even if you are not diabetic or hypoglycemic, there are times where your blood sugar will stray from the mark and give you unpleasant symptoms.

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