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L-Theanine: Natural Anti Anxiety & Mood Enhancer


L-theanine is a natural anti-anxiety supplement that is contained in tea leaves. It is a component of green tea, which is known for its many health benefits. Because green tea is made from unfermented leaves, it contains the highest amount of antioxidants of all the types of teas, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center.

This natural anti-anxiety supplement has been approved for use in Japan since 1964 for chocolates, herb teas and soft drinks and is what gives green tea a brothy and savory flavor.

Suntheanine, a pure form of L-Theanine, is a patented dietary ingredient and a registered trademark of Taiyo International (a Japanese company). They are the very first company in the world to produce L-theanine and Biosynergy Health Alternatives was the first company to introduce this product to the US market.

In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration grant L-theanine a GRAS distinction. This stands for “generally recognized as safe.”

L-Theanine Relieves Stress without Causing Drowsiness and is Safe

More L-theanine benefits include its being a mood enhancer and stress reliever without causing sleepiness or drowsiness. When people are under too much stress and anxiety, they can become depressed, experience a loss of well-being and can become vulnerable to infections. This leads many people to take powerful antidepressant drugs, which often come with unpleasant side effects that don’t go away, according to “People under stress can mitigate many of the harmful effects of stress with L-theanine without becoming sedated in the process,” according to Clinical Laboratory Scientist Carolyn Perrini. She also notes that this supplement is extremely safe.

A study by Kenta Kimura et al., published in Biological Psychology (2006), found that this natural anti-anxiety supplement produced a reduction in heart rate. Results of the study suggested that this amino acid taken orally reduces stress effects during an acute stress challenge.

L-Theanine Helps PMS

Other L-theanine benefits in the mood enhancer category include decreasing PMS symptoms in women—symptoms that include mental, physical and social indications. Studies conducted in Japan at the University of Shizuoka and The Family Planning Institute confirmed that women who take 200 mg of the supplement have a lessened PMS experience.

L-Theanine Dosage

This supplement, to relieve stress, should be taken at the onset of feelings of stress or anxiety. The dosage should be between 50 to 200 mg, according to Perrini. People should feel an effect of this mood enhancer in about 30 minutes that lasts for eight to 10 hours.

A serving size of this supplement is usually one capsule that can be 100 or 200 mg. Suggested use is one to three times a day, typically in the morning, before bed and as needed for stress and anxiety. The capsule can be broken and its contents poured into coffee, tea, juice or water. Heat does not diminish its effectiveness or potency.

L-Theanine Side Effects

People receive L-theanine benefits without any side effects. Though there are no reported side effects, the FDA recommends that people do not take more than 1,200 mg daily. There are no reported interactions with other drugs. Pregnant and nursing mothers should speak with their doctor before taking this supplement.

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