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L-Theanine Natural Anti Anxiety easy to swallow. work quickly. gentle on the stomach

L-Theanine Natural Anti Anxiety
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Product Description » L-Theanine Natural Anti Anxiety

New and Improved

Pure, all natural L-theanine – Promotes Relaxation & Overall Positive Mood

L-Theanine Information, Benefits, Side Effects & Dosage on this page below:

relax-reduce-stress-and-anxiety-with-l-theanine....jpgBioSynergy’s L-theanine supplement helps promote an alert yet relaxed state of mind without drowsiness while increasing calming alpha brain waves and decreasing stressful beta brain waves.

This brand of L-theanine has been shown in clinical studies to help reduce stress, diminish normal symptoms of PMS, heighten mental acuity and reduce negative side effects of caffeine.

L-theanine is a unique, natural, free form amino acid found exclusively in tea.

BioSynergy L-Theanine supplement is made from the highest quality raw materials with guarateed potency.

Supplement Facts 
Serving size: 1 Vegetarian Capsule
Servings Per Container: 60
One Capsule Provides: Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
L-theanine  200 mg *
Inositol  100 mg
Other ingredients: Maltodextrin, gelatin (capsule).
Contains no: yeast, dairy, egg, gluten, corn, wheat, sugar, starch, salt, artificial color, flavor, fragrance, and preservatives.
Suggested Use: 200 mg 1 to 3 times daily (suggested times are in the morning and before bed) or as needed depending on stress and anxiety levels.

L-Theanine Benefits:

Biologically Active – In addition to relaxation, research suggests that L-theanine may:

  • Relieve stress naturally. 1,2,7
  • Reduce and sooth anxiety and depression. 3,4,5
  • Enhance relaxation without drowsiness. 6
  • Reduce activation of sympathetic nervous systems “fight-or-fight” response. 7
  • Improve learning and mental performance. 6,8
  • Improve concentration. 9,10
  • Increase attention during long-term difficult tasks. 11
  • Improve memory and attention in adults with mild cognitive impairment. 12
  • Augment the attention and focusing effects of caffeine. 13-16
  • Reduce physical symptoms of caffeine such as headaches and tiredness. 13-16
  • Be a neuroprotective, preventing and treating disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease. 17,18
  • Protect cardiovascular system through anti-stress effects. 19
  • Diminish symptoms of PMS. 20
  • Lower blood pressure. 21
  • Increase calming alpha waves among other benefits with no known downside. 22,23

Stress and Anxiety

l-theanine-to-lower-stress-buy-l-theanine.jpgStress and anxiety are debilitating conditions that can shorten life span while lessening performance, well being, and the enjoyment of life.

Stress can impair the ability to perform mentally. It may result in reactions to situations that cause enhanced frustration, hostility or even injury.

Stress slowly destroys the immune system, lowering resistance to disease and thus allowing degenerative and opportunistic diseases to occur.

Stress is a cause of depression. The entire population is subjected to stress. In a recent survey, nearly 65 percent of the adult population indicated that they were under great stress.

More than 23 million Americans suffer from anxiety illness.

In double-blind, head-to-head comparison study, investigators compared 200 mg of oral L-theanine with 1 mf alpazolam (XanaxÒ), an anti-anxiety drug that is usually taken in only .25 to .50 mg doses.

Results: theanine, but not alprazolem or the placebo, induced relaxing effects that were evident at the initial measurement of whether a person felt tranquil versus troubled. 3


Studies in cooperation with Taiyo Kagaku Co., The University of Shizuoka, and The Family Planning Institute of Japan have shown that women taking 200 mg L-theanine daily have lower incidence of PMS symptoms.

These symptoms include physical, mental, and social symptoms. Overall, a significant alleviation of PMS symptoms by L-theanine was observed.

More L-Theanine Benefits

More L-theanine benefits include its being a mood enhancer and stress reliever without causing sleepiness or drowsiness. When people are under too much stress and anxiety, they can become depressed, experience a loss of well-being and can become vulnerable to infections.

This leads many people to take powerful antidepressant drugs, which often come with unpleasant side effects that don’t go away.

According to “People under stress can mitigate many of the harmful effects of stress with L-theanine without becoming sedated in the process,” according to Clinical Laboratory Scientist Carolyn Perrini.

She also notes that this supplement is extremely safe.

Brain Chemical May Thwart Ravages of Aging: Study

research-for-l-theanine-suntheanine.jpgL-theanine appears to have a role in the formation of the inhibitory neurotransmitter Gamma Amino Butyric Acid (GABA).

GABA (the antianxiety neurotransmitter) increases the utilization of dopamine (the energizing neurotransmitter) and serotonin (the happy neurotransmitter), playing a key role in the relaxation effect.

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – A shot of a brain chemical called GABA essentially turned back the clocks in the brains of older monkeys, whose brain function briefly operated at levels normally seen in monkeys less than half their age.

The finding may one day help scientists reverse similar age-related deterioration in the brains of people, according to the report published Friday in the journal Science.

GABA, or gamma-aminobutyric acid, is a messenger chemical that is essential for optimizing how brain cells transmit messages to each other and acts to put a damper on unwanted brain signaling activity, explained the study’s lead author Dr. Audie G. Leventhal at the University of Utah School of Medicine in Salt Lake City.

Although GABA’s age-related decline has not been documented in humans, a host of studies in mammals, including other primates, suggests that a similar process is at work in people, explained Leventhal.

In the current study, Leventhal’s team evaluated how a brain region called the visual cortex in old and young monkeys responds to micro-shots of GABA.

Monkeys between the ages of 26 and 32 — considered very old for monkeys — that got GABA directly delivered to their neurons responded to visual patterns, such as flashing vertical and horizontal lines, in much the same way as monkeys aged 7 to 9 years old did, according to Leventhal.

Without GABA delivery, the monkeys’ aged brains had more difficulty firing neurons that specifically gauge various aspects of depth perception, motion and color, explained Leventhal. Instead, older monkeys have more random firings that make it difficult to observe visual nuances.

In younger monkeys, GABA had no effect since their brains already had optimal GABA functioning.

“The challenge now is to go and look at a variety of GABA-increasing drugs and see how they influence other areas of the brain” and whether or not they improve brain functions known to decline as people age, such as hearing and memory, said Leventhal.

“It may be that already approved GABA (boosting drugs) have a positive effect on mental decline in the brains of older adults, but nobody has ever looked,” he told Reuters Health.

Nonetheless, the findings raise some hope that a general decline in GABA may be correctable, explained Leventhal, who noted that people are born and die with the same nerve cells and more research should be conducted in preserving their function. 22

L-Theanine Summary 

l-theanine-suntheanine-is-safe-buy-l-theanine-suntheanine.jpgL-Theanine is an amino acid that causes alpha wave production in the brain similar to the alpha waves produced from meditation.

The effect is a relaxed but alert mind state.

This substance is found in green tea and mushrooms and acts as an anti-oxidant and a stress reliever. It also can help with weight loss and can protect against stress related disorders.

L-Theanine has also been shown to improve learning and mental performance.

Although people can receive these benefits just from drinking green tea, they would need to drink a large amount, around 20 cups a day, which could cause side effects of nausea, irritability and stomach upset.

Taking L-Theanine as a supplement is a better choice.

This form of L-theanine does not come from green tea leaves. It instead comes from a fermentation process that mimics green tea leaves’ natural fermentation process.

The result is a purer from of L-Theanine and it is safe.

People Stay Alert

Another benefit of this supplement is it does not cause drowsiness as other stress-relieving medications do.

Many powerful anti-anxiety medications such as Valium or Paxil have terrible side effects like sedation, addiction and sexual dysfunction.

People can receive the same sort of stress relief through Suntheanine because it naturally releases serotonin and dopamine, hormones associated with happiness, without causing people to become lethargic.

Safe for Children

Researcher and physician, Dr. Lyon, has been involved with studies where 200 mg of this supplement were given twice a day for six weeks to boys ages 8 to 12 who had attention deficiency.

Not only were there no side effects, Dr. Lyon considers this supplement to be one of the safest products to give a child.

Athletes Like It

Many athletes become nervous before the event, and thinking clearly could make the difference between winning and losing. L-theanine allows athletes to think clearly and remain calm before the event, giving them that extra advantage. It also helps the immune system bounce back after the competition.

L-Theanine Side Effects:

Documented Safety – No known cautions or drug interactions. L-theanine is considered to be safe based on its historical use as a component of tea and on favorable toxicology studies.

Tea is the most consumed beverage worldwide after water, and has been consumed for thousands of years by billions of people.

It is estimated that a heavy tea drinker (6-8 cups daily) will consume between 200 to 400 mg of L-theanine daily.

L-Theanine  Dosage:

Suggested Use: 200 mg 1 to 3 times daily (suggested times are in the morning and before bed) or as needed depending on stress and anxiety levels.

BioSynergy L-theanine can also be poured out of the capsule into water, coffee, tea, juice, etc. as it is quickly and completely dissolved.

BioSynergy L-theanine potency is not diminished with heat to at least 120 C (100 C is boiling). BioSynergy L-theanine can be taken with meals or on an empty stomach.


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Product Guarantee » L-Theanine Natural Anti Anxiety

All BioSynergy products are made with only the highest purity all natural raw materials in a GMP cerified facility. If for any reason you are not satisfied with a BioSynergy product, simply return the unused portion within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. No Questions asked.

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15 responses to “L-Theanine Natural Anti Anxiety”

  1. P.M. USA says:
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    “Good product; it delivers as advertised. Controls my BP, relaxes my mind at bedtime.”

  2. S.V. USA says:
    • 55555

    “I’ve tried another brand of GABA and Theanine, but yours is much more effective for me. Thank you!”

  3. M.P. USA says:
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    “Skeptical mom (101 yrs) and skeptical niece both use it now, to relax. My Dr. is surprised that my BP is lower; I know why!”

  4. P.W. USA says:
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    “L-Theanine works great!!! Thank you!”

  5. E.S. Canada says:
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    “I love this product and have been sharing it with friends who have discovered that they love it too.”

  6. C.T. USA says:
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    “Taking L-Theanine has made a difference in my usually hectic position as an Inbound Sales Manager. I find that I handle situations just as efficiently as before, yet with more calm and less anxiety.”

  7. P.W. USA says:
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    I’m 43 years old and have suffered from anxiety, depression, worry and severe PMS symptoms for half of my life. I’ve tried everything from anti-depressants to radically changing my diet. Nothing has ever eliminated all of the symptoms. I started using L-theanine just two weeks ago and it has truly been a MIRACLE in my life.

    I actually noticed a difference on the first day and it’s just gotten better ever since. I have such peace and joy now! I’m actually happy everyday and in such a positive mood. I don’t worry about anything and I haven’t had one single PMS symptom (no water retention, no depression, no confusion, irritability or fatigue)

    I feel as though I have been robbed of over 20 years of my life and that God is using L-theanine to RESTORE everything that has been stolen (my peace, joy, happiness, mental health and well-being). I give Glory and Thanks to My Savior, Jesus Christ for leading me to your company and L-theanine. He is a God of Restoration!

    P.S. I’ve also noticed that since I’m in a more relaxed & positive state, I’m attracting a lot more good things into my life!

    Thank you for allowing me to post my comments. Warmest Regards,”

  8. C.B. USA says:
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    “My blood pressure has lowered, a desirable effect.”

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    “Hi, I’ve been taking L-Theanine for a couple of weeks now and love it.”

  10. I.M. Canada says:
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    “L-theanine is excellent for reducing anxiety. Thank-you!”

  11. S.V. USA says:
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    “I do notice that your L-Theanine is superior! Thank you.”

  12. J.M. Canada says:
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    “I’ve been having mild anxiety attacks for over a year, and this product has been very effective in helping to control the symptoms. Thank-you!”

  13. A.Z. USA says:
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    “I have been taking your l-theanine for one year. I have a type of OCD which would cause me to have circulating thoughts in my head that would not stop. Ever since Ive been taking your product there almost non existant. Thank you so much. You don’t know what this has done for me.”

  14. Jan H says:
    • 55555

    I have now tried this brand plus one other brand that claimed to be pure. The other brand did absolutely nothing to bring calmness. I was very surprised. But this brand produced amazing results, and I can now see the difference between brand purity. BioSynergy is by far superior and the effects are clearly noticeable between the two. In fact, this taken with ashwaganda is as powerful as klonopin although by itself the L-theanine comes very close if not is as powerful as klonopin. Thank you for offering such a quality supplement!

  15. JT says:
    • 55555

    I don’t want to paint this as a cure-all but I would be sorely amiss if I didn’t report the incredible effectiveness of this product. When I began taking L-theanine at my doctor’s suggestion, I began with a low dose. It was helpful but not enough to really curtail the anxiety. I made the mistake of taking this on an ‘as needed’ basis. What I should have done was take it regularly like I do with any medication. We increased the dose and I began taking it consistently whether or not I ‘needed’ it at the time. Since then my anxiety has dropped significantly and remained under control (even completely eliminated most of the time). But as I said, I don’t want to portray this as a miracle cure-all because everyone is different with different physiology and chemistry (and varying reasons for anxiety). But for me, this has been truly, incredibly effective. I have been able to cut out pharmaceutical medication prescribed for anxiety. I am deeply, deeply thankful to Biosynergy for offering a quality product at such an affordable price. Thank you! Oh btw, L-theanine also aids in helping caffeine effects.

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