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Best Supplements for Appetite Control

Obesity has become a serious problem for many people in recent years.  This is no laughing matter, as it has been linked to several serious medical conditions like high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke, cancer, diabetes and sleep apnea among others. The higher the weight, the higher the risk. Losing weight, even as little as 5%-10%, can significantly lower the risk of developing these diseases.

You just have to stop eating so much and then the pounds will just start to drop. It sounds so simple, right? Wrong! In a perfect world it will be like that, but this is not a perfect world. In fact, it is far from an ideal world. It’s hard for most people to stop gaining weight. How much harder do you think it is to actually start losing weight? I can tell you right now that it is hard. Some people would even consider it next to impossible.

Having been overweight since my prepubescent years, I know all the woes of trying to lose weight. I have tried almost every method to lose weight. I have tried diet and exercise as well, as pills described by my doctor, to pills I could find online and from a corner shop. Yes, I was that desperate.

Bottom line is that nothing worked. I would lose weight for a time, but eventually gain it all back and more. I was in a deeper hole than I started with. I realized one day that I could not continue down that yo-yo path. It was simply not good for my physical or mental health. I decided that if I can’t lose weight and maintain that weight, then the next best thing I could do was at least to not gain weight.

The thing is, I generally have a big appetite.  Being a girl, when it’s that time of the month my appetite is worse. I am like a bottomless pit. I want to eat anything and everything, one after another. Knowing that, and equipped with the knowledge I’ve learned and experienced when trying to lose weight, I knew that I needed help in suppressing my appetite. The problem is, the pills I’ve tried before may have suppressed my appetite, but they also came with major side effects such as heart palpitation. This is dangerous for people with high blood pressure and being overweight, I was already at a high risk for that. That simply won’t do. I needed something else.

After scouring the ‘net and other sources, I found out that there are natural appetite suppressants where the side effects are not only minimal but also beneficial. The best supplements for appetite suppressant or appetite control I found are pine nuts, grape seed oil, 5-HTP, Hoodia Gordonii and Grifonia Simplicifolia. Some, when possible, you can eat in its pure form. In the world of fast food and fast pace that can be highly inconvenient. Finding food supplements made from them, or at least ones containing their main component is the next best thing. My personal favorites would have to be Grifonia Simplicifolia, which is a serotonin booster, and 5-HTP. These two are both natural appetite suppressant, antidepressant and sleep aid.

And yes, I managed to maintain my weight for the past 10 years.

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