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The Best Supplements for Inflammation

Inflamed and swollen joints can make life miserable; walking can be uncomfortable, things we take for granted such as bending and kneeling may be painful, and if joints in the hands and shoulders are affected then simple actions including undoing jars and getting dressed can become extremely difficult and even unbearable. People who suffer with inflammation in their joints may also experience trouble sleeping, this can led onto other health issues as our sleep period is an essential time for our body to repair itself.

Inflammation can occur in the joints in various parts of the body for a wide variety of reasons. When the joints are injured through an accident or through over exertion, then the fluid that surrounds the joints and acts as a cushion and lubricant, can seep out leaving the joint unprotected. General wear and tear of the joints can also cause inflammation as can old age. As we grow older certain naturally occurring substances in our bodies degenerate, some of these substances are responsible for protecting our joints so any reduction can lead to swelling. In addition to inflammation in our joints specific tissues and arteries in the body can become inflamed.

When a person has high cholesterol levels the arteries that provide the blood supply to the heart become congested and inflamed which can cause serious problems if left untreated. As well as eating a healthy diet and getting adequate exercise we can help our bodies to fight inflammation by taking a daily supplement. By choosing a supplement designed specifically to work towards reducing inflammation we will be giving ourselves the best possible chance of keeping healthy and fit.


Glucosamine has long been used as a supplement that can help to maintain healthy and pain free joints. Glucosamine was used for many years to treat animals suffering from stiff joints before it was used for humans. It is taken regularly by those who suffer from arthritis, and is found to reduce pain and swelling in the joints. Taking a glucosamine supplement will give you great all round protection for your joints. One of the reasons inflammation in the joints occurs is when there is a break down or some damage of the protective cartilage that covers the joints, as the protective cartilage works to prevent friction in the joints. Glucosamine occurs naturally in cartilage so taking a supplement containing this substance is thought to help the body rebuild the cartilage and work to help the body repair any damage that may have occurred. Glucosamine also plays a vital role in ensuring the joints continue to move smoothly thus alleviating inflammation.

Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane (MSM)

Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane or MSM is a mineral found naturally in our bodies and is responsible for making sure all of our joints remain strong and healthy. MSM is part of the substances which make up the connective tissues and cartilage that our located inside our joints. By supplementing our diet with MSM we are assisting our bodies to repair and replace damaged and aged tissue. MSM works by strengthening the tissues and cartilage helping our joints to function. Through the process of old age the levels of MSM in our body’s decreases and whilst MSM can be found in some foods, processing and cooking reduces this still further, leaving many people deficient in MSM. Taking a MSM supplement will keep your joints in optimum condition and help to prevent inflammation from occurring.


Bromelain is obtained from the stem of the pineapple plant. Originally Bromelain was used by sportsmen and women to treat strains and sprains, due to its success it is now taken regularly as a supplement to help with inflammation in the joints. Bromelain is often used in traditional types of alternative medicine and can be taken in a pill form or used in a cream and rubbed into the inflamed area. This substance acts by preventing the cells that cause inflammation from reaching the affected area. Bromelain works well when taken together with Glucosamine and can be extremely beneficial for those who suffer with arthritis. Bromelain has also been found to have properties which naturally thin the blood, this makes it good choice for anyone suffering with inflammation of the arteries and high cholesterol.

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