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The Best Supplements for Promoting Healthy Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can be caused by a number of different things – aging, poor diet, dehydration, stress, and so on. Getting your blood pressure under control sometimes requires prescription medication. While ingesting chemicals is one way to lower blood pressure, there are a number of natural, non-prescription substances, that can accomplish the same. Vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts can help you get your blood pressure under control – or at least keep it out of the danger zone. Combining these substances will not only help you manage your blood pressure, but also promote overall health.


Potassium is the big one. It has shown the strongest links to reduced blood pressure, out of tested supplements. Not only will this help you control hypertension, but you’ll have more energy, better flexibility, and fewer muscle cramps. While you may get some potassium from your diet, the benefits suggest it wouldn’t hurt to be sure you’re topped up on it each and every day. If you have a physically demanding job, are an athlete, smoke, use alcohol, or have any number of digestive disorders, you may not be getting enough potassium even if you’re eating a healthy diet. Smoking and alcohol use are also known to contribute to increased blood pressure – at the very least, a potassium supplement might help you offset some of that negativity.


Not as strongly linked to blood pressure as potassium, calcium can help your body build and maintain strong bones, teeth, help you to manage your weight. Despite its unknown status as a blood pressure aid, calcium is essential for overall good health, as healthy diets, high in calcium, and healthy body weight help keep blood pressure at a nominal level. Many blood pressure supplements include calcium and potassium as a way to cover as many areas as possible. Like potassium, a healthy diet should give you as much calcium as you need. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to eat healthy. Taking a calcium supplement is a simple and effective way to be certain your body is getting as much as it needs, day in and day out.


Magnesium is another miracle mineral when it comes to the inner workings of your body. Not only will this help you manage high blood pressure, magnesium also contributes to strong bone structure and has been known to relieve back pain. Further, those who get adequate amounts of magnesium have healthier, stronger hearts. Outside the cardiovascular system, magnesium has been used to to lessen day to way irritations – headaches, bad moods, and so forth. It’s also used in the chemical interactions of carbohydrates and insulin.

A combination of these three supplements – generally available in single-pill blood pressure pills – will help you manage blood pressure and maintain your overall health. Rather than taking a prescription medication that may have nasty side effects, why not try something natural, that works with your body instead of against it? If you have any questions about supplements, how they work, or want help finding the supplement that’s right for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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