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Ubiquinol CoQ10

Take Ubiquinol For a Better You

Ubiquinol CoQ10If you regularly take health supplements you’ve probably heard of ubiquinol CoQ10 before, but you might not know precisely what it is and how it could help you.

Ubiquinol is already present in every one of your cells. It’s a naturally occurring enzyme that plays an important part in a number of bodily functions. As it already occurs naturally in your body, you might be wondering why it’s worth taking a supplement. Most supplements you take are already produced naturally by the body too, but it can be beneficial to give your body a helping hand now and again.

With ubiquinol, this is particularly true when you’re aged 30 and above. While you’re young, your body is better equipped to synthesize ubiquinol, so you probably don’t need to take a supplement. As you get older your body finds it more difficult to produce, which can be problematic as it’s high in antioxidants and electrons.

What Can Ubiquinol Do For Me?

By ensuring there’s enough ubiquinol in your body, you’ll be better equipped to carry out certain processes and maintain health levels. Ubiquinol particularly helps with:

  • Cardiovascular Health: studies have found that a healthy presence of ubiquinol is linked to a healthy heart. A study by Dr. Peter Langsjoen showed that it helped heart failure patients to pump blood much more effectively, and even more efficiently than when given ubiquinone – the unsynthesized form of ubiquinol – amongst other beneficial effects. It’s not just great for people with heart problems, but also anyone with family history of cardiovascular issues or concerns about their heart.
  • Energy Production: ubiquinol works by synthesizing mitochondrial energy and producing ATP (adenosine triphosphate). This is the main energy intermediate in living organisms, so ubiquinol can seriously boost energy levels. We’d recommend it for endurance athletes and anyone suffering from general feelings of tiredness and lethargy.
  • Anti-Aging: when you’re trying to fight the effects of aging, you’re essentially battling against free radicals – atoms that have lost an electron and become unstable. They cause damage when they steal electrons from other atoms. As ubiquinol is electron-rich, it provides these free radicals with spare electrons, reducing the damage they can cause and helping to reduce signs of aging whilst also improving your immune system.

How Does It Work?

Anti Aging Ubiquinol CoQ10Ubiquinol essentially works in two primary ways:

1. Firstly, as mentioned above, by providing free radicals with spare electrons. This prevents a chain reaction from occurring, whereby atoms become stuck in a cycle of losing and stealing electrons, and minimizes damage.

2. Secondly, the ubiquinol helps to break down the structure of free radicals. This neutralizes them and prevents any further damage.

As we age, our bodies are less equipped to produce ubiquinol. Unfortunately, this is the time we need it most, when our bodies are more prone to the effects of aging, so taking a supplement is a very smart choice.

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