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Vitamin D Flu Defense

Cut flu risk in half with vitamin D3:

Fend off the flu with the V defense; flu vaccine plus vitamin D. A Yale University study showed that people with the highest blood levels of vitamin D had half the risk of catching the flu (or other viral respiratory infections) than those with lower levels of vitamin D. And even if those with higher levels of vitamin D had the flu, they spent less time laid up.

We are prone to vitamin D deficiency in North America, especially in winter when the earth’s axis tips the Northern Hemisphere away from the sun, reducing exposure to the sunlight your body uses to make vitamin D.

The amount of vitamin D that you should take daily varies with age and genetics but general recommendation is; Young people should take a 1,000 I.U. vitamin D3 supplement daily. Middle age adults should take 2.000 I.U. to 5,000 I.U. daily. Older adults should take a 5,000 I.U. to 10,000 I.U. vitamin D3 supplement daily.

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