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Best Vitamins for High Blood Sugar

High blood sugar (hyperglycemia) or diabetes mellitus or simply known as diabetes is a condition where there are high levels of glucose in the blood. There are mainly two types of diabetes.

Type 1 Diabetes is also known as juvenile diabetes, or early onset diabetes, which has no cure and is unpreventable.  This condition, however, is treatable, or at least manageable through insulin injections.

Type 2 Diabetes is usually associated with overweight people where the body does not produce enough insulin for proper function, or the cells in the body do not react to insulin.

In hindsight, Type 1 Diabetes is insulin dependent whilst Type 2 Diabetes is insulin resistant.

Diabetes is generally known as a chronic and lifelong condition. This may generally be true for most people, but there are exceptions to the rule. My experience with it says otherwise. I was diagnosed with diabetes earlier this year with fasting blood sugar at 152 mg/dl. That is generally not that high but diabetes runs in the family. Despite knowing and being scared of the fact that I have now became a diabetic, I did not despair. My dad was diabetic for as long as I could remember, and even went as far as moving to insulin injections. At one point he had to undergo a strict diet. That, coupled with exercise, he was able to control his blood sugar and get off his medication completely for years before he passed away. Dad was really good at keeping records and I saw in his booklet that his FBS (fasting blood sugar) was recorded at a high 223 mg/dl while his RBS (random blood sugar) was recorded at a very high 300 mg/dl. Knowing all these gave me some hope still.

I was initially given medications that would lower my blood sugar level as well as suppress my appetite. It suppressed my appetite in such a way that I felt nauseous all the time. The medication did manage to lower my blood sugar level, but it lowered it to a dangerously low level. It was recorded at an all time low of 56 mg/dl. That is even more dangerous than my previous 152 mg/dl. I could have gone into a coma or even died from extremely low blood sugar. The scariest part is that I am mostly asymptomatic. I didn’t have the typical symptoms associated with hypoglycemia. I just had to make sure to check my blood sugar level tests on time, as well as make sure I eat on time.

From the day I was diagnosed with diabetes I knew that I didn’t want to be reliant on medications for the rest of my life. So I made sure to change my diet and as well as try to have more physical activities. Every little thing counts, even if it just means I get to walk a few extra steps by parking at the far end of the parking lot. I also devoured information and read more about vitamins that will help my body produce more insulin and control my blood sugar level.

I am not advocating experimenting and treating your own high blood sugar. In fact it is a bad idea. I am hardheaded, so I did experiment and monitored how my body reacted to less medication, as well as when I substituted. I found several vitamins or supplements to choose from like antioxidants, zinc, magnesium, vitamin D, vitamin C, CoQ10, curcumin turmeric and fiber.

There are many options and I was hard-pressed on choosing one or two, as I didn’t want to take 5 different pills. Then I discovered BioSynergy’s Complete Daily Multivitamin Formula with Glucose Control & Vitamin D. That was the answer to my prayers. Not only did it mean I get my blood sugar vitamins in one but I actually get other vitamins with it. I also decided I could also use more fiber in body and I decided the best option for me is to take it in its pure form of pysllium husks.

After a month of not taking my medicines my blood sugar level is not as low as it was during medication, however they are not as high as they used to be prior to medication. In fact when I checked it yesterday my FBS was at 101 mg/dl.

Not as good as I hoped for, but not bad at all.

Written by costi