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Hidemi Ogino

Hidemi OginoHidemi Ogino spent her childhood in Japan in the beautiful rural mountains of Aichi prefecture. Hidemi’s grandmother would often take her into the forest to teach her about the medicinal powers of plants. At her grandmother’s knee, she learned to identify natural remedies for ailments of the mind and body. Like other rural Japanese children, Hidemi ate a traditional diet of healthful, natural foods. At 18 years of age, Hidemi moved to the United States to attend college where her ambition became and continues to be focused on the biological science of Integrative Medicine and how the right dietary supplements can optimize mental and physical well-being and performance for people of all ages.

Hidemi Home Town

In 1994, Hidemi founded BioSynergy Health Alternatives. BioSynergy produces natural products designed to fill in the nutritional gaps of the Western diet while enhancing vitality and quality of life. Her ties to Japan allows access to advanced research in a country where they enjoy the longest life expectancy in the world and where natural remedies and supplements are often used in everyday food and drink products. In addition to taking a variety of supplements, Hidemi continues to practice the basic fundamentals of good health: eating a mostly plant-based diet, exercising every day, and getting a good night’s sleep. She has made it her life’s work to set her customers on the path to a healthier, happier lifestyle. Hidemi’s strong belief in community, honesty, organization, and improving the wellbeing of others contributes to BioSynergy’s high quality, effective products and outstanding customer service.

Integrative Medicine, as opposed to traditional Western Medicine, is based on the understanding that everything is connected, mind and body. Not only are your joint pains, skin rash, irritable bowel, and depression all connected but the only way out of this mess of chronic illness is to understand how everything is connected.