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Anxiety: Where it comes from and What to Do


Anxiety is something that most people feel at some point in their lives. What a lot of people don’t realize is that stress and anxiety are two very different things.  For example, stress can be healthy. Stress is what caused our ancestors to realize that if something was bothering them, they knew it was time to get away from “danger.”

Where Does Anxiety Come From

Anxiety however, is an emotion that people usually cannot figure out what triggered it. While you stress over things like deadlines, anxiety is something that creeps in and you begin to feel, without knowing why sometimes. A lot of the physical symptoms are the same for both, however.

A lot of people will experience anxiety because of their fears. When people come face to face with what makes them feel afraid, they begin to feel anxiety. In addition to this, there are a lot of external stressors as well.

It’s important to make this distinction because stress tends to happen for a set period of time. If you’re stressed about an exam, that stress tends to go away once it’s over. For those suffering from anxiety, especially that which doesn’t have a set trigger, can last for much longer.

What Can I Do About My Anxiety?gaba

It’s pretty easy to do things that might unwittingly make your anxiety worse. Here are some great tools to help you reel in your anxiety:

  • Remember to breathe. By taking deep breaths you are activating the body’s built in relaxation response. Breathe in deep for four counts, hold it in for four, and then let the air out for four.
  • Remember your mind is messing with you. Many people have reported that they feel like they are having a heart attack, when it was really just a panic attack. Accepting that you’re anxious is the first step to realizing that you can get through it.
  • Pay attention to your thoughts. You may be thinking about how the situation is a catastrophe. But really, are your thoughts reasonable? Will this instance matter tomorrow? Did it affect anyone? If the answer is no, there is a good chance it isn’t worth getting worked up over.
  • Use positive self-talk. Instead of putting yourself down for feeling anxious, think “I am strong. I am getting through this and living my life.” Or “I might not feel good right now, but I will get better.”
  • Focus on the now. Too many times, anxiety is caused by thinking about something that happened in the past, or something that might happen in the future.
  • Purchase L-theanine and GABA in order to combat your anxiety. The L-theanine helps you to be in an alert yet relaxed frame of mind. GABA is used to promote relaxation and is found naturally already in your body.


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