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Five Ways to Naturally Increase Energy Levels


Increase EnergyAfter a long, cold winter, many of us have been hunkered down for far too long. While winter isn’t the only time people are affected by low energy levels, it’s much harder to stay active when you’re stuck indoors for months straight. As the weather slowly warms and we inch towards spring, there are some very basic steps you can take to begin turning the corner and naturally improving your energy levels moving forward.

Get Moving

Think exercising saps you of energy and makes you tired? Think again. Studies have shown that regular exercise, even low intensity, can improve energy levels for people of varying levels of health. Get started with a brisk walk around the neighborhood or a half hour on an exercise bike. You should notice a difference within a few weeks.

Change Your Breakfast

The typical American breakfast just does not provide energy that will last throughout the day. A bowl of sugary cereal or a carb-heavy bagel is a recipe for a mid-morning hunger pang with a dip in blood sugar. Eating foods that are high in fiber and protein will keep you feeling more steadily energized for longer. Try a bowl of oatmeal for fiber, and eggs for a great source of protein.

Get Hydrated

Of all the things our bodies need to function at their highest level, water is perhaps the most underrated. Every day, people unknowingly suffer from dehydration that hampers bodily functions and leaves them feeling fatigued. While eight glasses per day is the most commonly cited metric, keeping a bottle of water around and sipping it throughout the day should be enough to keep you properly quenched.

Manage Stress

Some people have become far too accustomed to being under a constant level of stress. They push themselves to the limit, only to be constantly burnt out both mentally and physically. Take an honest look at your lifestyle and whether you’re setting aside enough time to relax and mentally recharge. Like exercise, relaxing when you’re tired might seem counterproductive, but your body craves down time and needs it on a regular basis.

Limit Harmful Substances

Smoking cigarettes limits oxygen levels in the blood, leading to fatigue, while drugs and alcohol have their own exhausting effects on the body. Start focusing more on what you’re putting into your body, and replace things that are draining with those that have the ability to energize you.

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